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computer technician in miami

Computer & Laptop Repair in Miami, FL

We can diagnose and fix most of the problems that you encounter with your computer or laptop such as virus and spy ware removal, replacing broken hardware, unlocking your computer if you forgot your password, cleaning and tuning up your system for better performance, data recovery/migration and any other problems that you may encounter.

Remote Computer Support in Miami, FL

We are able to provide remote support for your computer or laptop for the small fee of $20.00 via paypal. All that is required is an active internet connection & Teamviewer (free program). (This option is only available if you are still able to log on to the computer in question).

Computer Upgrades in Miami, FL

We can upgrade your current computer or laptop to be more efficient and faster by replacing or upgrading crucial hardware in your system such as the memory, hard drive, video card, processor, motherboard, and any other hardware in the system. please contact us for a quote.

Custom Built Computers in Miami, FL

We are able to build a custom computer that is best suited for your needs and budget. We can build everything from the most basic PC to a hard core gaming PC. We will also include extra software to go along with your computer.

Web Services

We are able to design affordable and professional looking websites for you and your business, We can also design banner ads for your marketing needs. We also provide daily, weekly, or monthly website administration services to update and maintain your current website. Please contact us for more details or if you would like a quote.


Did you recently purchase some hardware or peripheral devices but found yourself unable to install them? Well, you came to the right place. We are able to install most if not all types of hardware for your system including but not limited to: printers, scanners, modems, routers, video cards, ram, hard drives, wireless network cards and much more (just ask). We will also install your new DSL internet package for less than the phone company.

Other Services

You can give us your old computers and electronics for recycling purposes and we will pick them up free of charge.  We will also remove the hard drive and leave it in your possession if requested. You can also advertise on our website if you wish with our banner rotating software (please contact for a quote). We also offer hard drive destruction services for just $1 per drive. All of the data will be destroyed and the drives will be recycled in a safe and responsible manner.


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